The History Festival of Ireland 2014

Now in its third year, The History Festival of Ireland takes the jaw-dropping, historic marvel that is Huntington Castle as its home.

Curated by Angus Mitchell, fifty leading historians and thinkers from Ireland and the UK will contribute to a dazzling array of over 40 discussions, readings, debates, interviews and performances. One of this country’s most in-depth explorations of World War I ever to be assembled will take place in a dedicated stage across the whole weekend; Huntington’s infamous relationship with Gothicism, the occult, its extraordinary Temple of Isis and the late Olivia Robertson will be the subject of much discussion; Enthusiasts of Historic Gardens will find plenty to listen to, and a highly anticipated series of talks on Vintage Cars by the leading experts and collectors from this island.

dude in vintage car

Margaret McMillan, Victoria Glendinning, Stephen Rea, Kevin Whelan, Ciaran Brady, Terence Denman, Myles Dungan, Catriona Crowe, Susan Schriebman, Margaret O’Callaghan, Lar Joye, Angela Bourke, Turtle Bunbury, Bob Montgomery, Seamus O’Brien, Angela V. John, Eoin Colfer, Terence Reeves-Smith, and Martin Mansergh are just some of the names who will be taking to the stage over the weekend . And of course the ‘History Ireland Hedge School’ will return with a vigorous exploration of history and literature, and …. the Showband era.

One ticket (€22.50) will give you access to the entire gamut of talks, lectures, performances and debates for the whole day.

Food and refreshments can be purchased
throughout the day and parking is free.